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Concept of Aam
Whenever and wherever there is imbalance of agni in the body, Aam is created.
Aam is undigested food material that has been left in the intestines, organs or tissue of the body. As undigested residue accumulates in the body's channels it putrefies and becomes very dense and sticky.
Imbalance of Agnis is classified into three categories:
  1. Tikshna agni – when the agni becomes more than the normal
  2. Manda agni – when agni becomes less than the required for digestion
  3. Vishama Agni – when agni is sometimes more, sometimes less and sometimes normal.
Absence of Aam and Balanced Agni is the key for Good Health and Longevity 
It suggest that due to Agnimandya i.e. mal functions of agni, diseases are caused.

The literal meaning of Saam is “with Aam” and the meaning of Niraam is “without Aam”.
 When Dosha Dhatu Mala etc. get mixed with Aam it is called Saam condition.

The condition of Saam-Niraam is depends upon agni

Understanding the Aam
The mucus like residue (aam) ferments, producing swelling and inflammation. Fermentation gives off gases, causing dryness and bloating, which is vata. Thus, these toxic gases enter the blood, muscle, bone, etc and degenerate these systems. This fermenting sticky aam-residue obstructs the functioning of the organs, tissues and cells. If this aam enters the Pancreas and blocks the channels it shows in the blood as Diabetes, if it enters in the Joints then it creates Rheumatoid Arthritis, If this aam enters the Lungs then Asthma, in the Heart creates Heart Block, in the Blood it shows as High Cholesterol and Triglycerides and if it enters the brain channels then lack of energy, confusion, insomnia and Depression occurs.

Aam residue disrupts the natural intelligent flow of the physical dynamics in the body. Aam-toxins cause oxidization, much like 'rusting' of the tissues and organs due to the acid creating fermentation of toxic residue. Aam-toxins also cause low energy, blockages of circulation, dulling of the mind, constipation, diarrhea, respiratory ailments, high blood pressure, migraines, chronic pain any number of symptoms can be experienced in your system if u have aam. When there is less aam (toxic tissue formation) there is healthy tissue produced.

Agni or Digestive Fire or Proper Metabolism is the key component to bringing all of these factors into alignment and it is also responsible for maintaining the body's integrity. Agni is the digestive fire, it creates healthy metabolism in the digestive organs as well as every organ, tissue and cell. Every organ, tissue and cell must take in nutrients and assimilate them via metabolism, agni. Then every organ, tissue and cell must expel waste and detoxify via metabolism. If metabolism is functioning correctly then there will not be a buildup of aam-toxins, because the detoxification principle of agni-metabolism will occur efficiently and the systems will be well nourished. Proper digestion and assimilation of food is the main key for Health.

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