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Scope of Ayurvedic treatments (Panchkarma)

Scope of Ayurvedic treatments (Panchkarma)

·         Ayurvedic treatments for Healthy People
 In daily life – Nasya (nasal instillation); Snehan (oleation) is done by Basti (Medicinal enema), Karnapuran (ear instillation), etc. 

·         Ayurvedic treatments in Seasonal Illness
Dosha predominance
Ayurvedic treatments
Vasant (Spring)
Vamana, Nasya
Varsha (Rainy)
Sharad (Autumn)
September-October October November
Virechana, Rakta -mokshana
·         Ayurvedic treatments in geriatrics & pediatrics- Panchkarma can be done safely in any age group. As for example, “basti treatment” can be given to a very old person and also to a new born baby.

·          Ayurvedic treatment is equally beneficial for men and women and all types of panchkarma can be done in adults.

·         Ayurvedic treatment is especially practiced to increase immunity and sexual power- before starting “rasayana”   or “vajikarana” treatment it is always advised to undergo through a detoxification process called panchkarma.

·          Ayurvedic treatments are used for all types of chronic diseases as well as for newer diseases- in diseases like   asthma, ;diabetes, high blood pressure etc. this treatment has given very enthusiastic positive results.
And In acute pain and swelling, procedures like snehana, swedan and rakta mokshana helps to relieve   symptoms very quickly. 

·         Ayurvedic treatment is also advised before any kind of surgical treatment. So that the reoccurrence of   disease can be checked.

·         Ayurvedic treatments also help to reduce the total time taken for the treatment of chronic diseases. Excess toxins are eliminated by this process thus giving medicine more space to act fast.

·         Ayurvedic treatments are cost effective treatment, since time taken to cure a disease is shortened, total cost of treatment; goes down.

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