Wednesday, July 11, 2012

THE NYAYA , the metabolism principle of ayurveda

It refers to the three different theories that exist in ayurveda that explain the process of nutrition of dhatu from the digested food (Aahar rasa), namely:

·         Kshir Dadhi Nyaya
·         Kedar Kuliy Nyaya
·         Khala Kapot Nyaya

Kshir Dadhi Nyaya

Kshir means milk and Dadhi means curd. Just like milk changes to curd, ahara rasa changes in sequence of nutrition of Dhatus. At first Ahar rasa completely changes to Rasa Dhatu, following this is the changing of Rasa Dhatu to Rakta Dhatu and so on. This is one of the ways of nutrition of different Dhatus. As sunrays take many years to reach earth and still maintain its continuity by the continuous release of rays. Likewise it seems by this law; one Dhatu will completely end if it totally changes to other one. But due to the continuous flow of ingested food it does not occur.

Kedar Kuliya Nyaya

The word Kedar means small pieces of land and Kuliya means drain. Crops in the field get irrigated by creating Kuliya (drain) and Kedar (small pieces of land). The Kedar (small pieces of land) get irrigated one by one through Kuliya (drains) in sequence. Likewise different Dhatus of the body get nutrition one by one in sequence through vessels. The 1st Rasa Dhatu gets nutrition from Ahar Rasa. Then Rakta Dhatu get nutrition from the rest part of Ahar Rasa and likewise till the end i.e. Shukra Dhatu.

Khala Kapota Nyaya

The word khala means pot and kapota means pigeon, the bird. As the bird (pigeon) has to come to the pot of grain for its nourishment, likewise the nyay. Dhatus are directly nourished by Ahar Rasa without considering the sequence of nutrition. At times when there is shortage this law nourishes Dhatu or Updhatu in the body.
So we can say there are three way of nourishment of Sharir Dhatus in the body, which occur simultaneously, to provide nutrition, in our body.

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