Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Tri Dosas Principle

It is very difficult to get control over the minutest elements (panch mahabhuta) without disturbing one another. If we try to alter any one mahabhuta in turn other will also get disturbed. Thus a level has to be created where; we are somewhat at ease to alter the condition arising in our body by disturbances in the balance of the panch mahabhutas.
Our ancient teachers has formed a level at which it becomes easy to handle the functions in our body, named the Tri dosha. Vata, Pitta and Kapha are three name of tri doshas .
Doshas are basically three different set of categories based on the work they perform.

The relation between Tri-Doshas and Pancha-Mahabhutas with respect to their category of work is as follows:
1.       Vata (Vayu and Akash)  -  Movements
2.       Pitta (Agni and Jal)         – Transformations
3.       Kapha (Jal and Prithvi)    - Stability

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