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21) Sleep

When you sleep well you get good physical and mental strength. Happiness, sense organs works well and one gets long life.
If sleep is not taken according to rules- unhappiness, thinness, weakness, impotency, loss of memory and death also may result.

It is advisable to sleep after 1 ‘prahar’ (i.e. after 3 hrs of commencement of night) this and this should be before 12 midnight.
Do not sleep in evening or immediately after food, after studying and after sex.

One should not sleep during day time. It is only allowed if your doctor allows you for a particular reason.

Loss due to day sleep
Some of the diseases like- heaviness, headache,  spasm in muscles, indigestion, swelling, loss of appetite, nausea,  cold, migraine, rashes, eruptions, itching, laziness, cough, disease of throat, loss of memory, illogical thinking, , fever, sense perception is not good and toxins start to show signs.

Complication of excess sleep
It causes indigestion and increases the kapha. This kapha blocks the bio-channels in our body and causes heaviness in body which again causes sleep. Thus this becomes a vicious cycle


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20) Dinner
When the food taken in the day gets digested and you feel hungry one should have food.
And rest same as lunch


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19) Sex

Age limit
Only between 16-70 yrs. If done before and after the age specified it may result in ill health.

According to seasons-
Every 3rd day in –springs and autumn
Every 15th day in – rainy and summer.
Any time if person is healthy in winters.

Menstrual women, not willing to have sex, dirty, unhappy, of higher caste, old, ill, amputee, pregnant, depressed, of same parents, teacher, saint.
One should not have sex  at evening, midnight, midday, on holy day, when shy, at filthy place, when hungry, ill, sad, urge of defecation, urine, thirsty and in general weakness.
Do not have sex with other spices than human and in other places than vagina. Holding the urge for expulsion of semen is also contraindicated.
One should refrain from excessive sex, if done it may result in pain, cough, fever, breathlessness, weakness, convulsions, loss of vision, life and glow of skin.

‘Vajikarana’ therapy and follow good rules mentioned above for having sex.


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18) FOOD

Benefits of having right quantity of food
It bestows the person with strength, health, happiness and long life.

The right quantity of food is
1/3rd of stomach with solid food
1/3rd of stomach with liquid food
And the remaining 1/3rd should be kept empty for ‘dosha’ to work.

Signs to know the right quantity of food
The quantity of food which does not let you feel heavy, does not increases heart beats, ribs area  does not feel like stretched/tensed and lets you feel happy, hunger and thirst quenches, no problem in doing any work, completion of  digestion , increase strength and health.
If one have food before clearance of bowels or when not hungry he/she will land on one or other disease.

Food should be-
1)    Hot, less oily
2)    Easily digestible
3)    Should not be of opposite ‘prakriti’
4)    Food should be taken at clean place and where mind is calm
5)    It should not be had to fast or too slow
6)    Do not talk or laugh while eating
7)    Concentrate your mind completely on food
8)    Different types of food having different taste (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, etc) should be taken regularly to build strength.
9)    Try to have sweet in the beginning and sour and salty in the middle and rest at last.
   10) Chew food properly.

Other important instructions
1)    If water is taken in-between food it maintains body buildup (not more the 1/3rd of diet including all liquid diet)
2)    If water is taken after food it results in obesity
3)    If water is had before food it will result in thinning of body
4)    Immediately after food do not go for work, bath and other work.
5)    Sit straight for 5-10 min. after food until the lethargy goes away.
6)    After this roam for about 100 steps and lie down on left lateral position for a while(do not sleep)

7)     During this time enjoy things what you like and do not do what your mind do not enjoys.
8)    Do not laugh too much or have a bumpy ride as it may cause vomiting, etc.

Food that can be had daily
Boiled rice, red rice, green gram, rock salt, Indian gooseberry, oat, pure water, ghee, milk, meat of animals of desert/dry region and honey.

Do not have
Dirty, toxic, left food, food mixed with adulterants and preservatives, food you don’t like, overnight food, tasteless food, cold or reheated food and burnt food.

Food is not digested when water is taken too much. Untimely food, stopping the natural urges of nature, irregularity of sleep, fear, anger, greed, depression or disease interfere with digestion.
Special food according to seasons

1)    To have in winters- heavy food (heavy to digest), oily food, flesh of aquatic animals, alcohol, milk, sugar cane, fats, new rice, warm water.
2)    Not to have in winters- light food, airy atmosphere, restricted diet, cold drinks.
3)    To have in springs- oat, wheat, flesh of animals from dry region, honey water.
4)    Not to have in springs- heavy food, sour, oily, sweet
5)    To have in summer- sweet, cold, liquid, less oily, sugar, flesh of dry region, ghee (clarified butter), milk, red rice.
6)    Not to have in summers - alcohol can only be had with lots of water, salty, sour, spicy, chilly, and hot.
7)    To have in rainy season- honey, sour, salty, less oily, old oat, wheat, boiled rice, flesh of dry region, juice, cooled warm water, light food and take care of digestion.
10) Not to have in rainy season- cold drink, going out in sunlight, excessive liquid diet.
11) To have in autumn- sweet, light food, cold, bitter food, flesh of dry region, old oat, wheat, boiled rice, milk, sugar cane.
12) Not to have in autumn- alkaline food items, curd, sour, oil.

Cleaning hand, feet and mouth-

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17) Cleaning hand, feet and mouth-
Feet, nose, eyes, ears, anus, penis/vagina should be kept clean to increase mind power, cleanliness, age. 

Kshaur karma / hair cut, shaving and cutting nails

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16) Kshaur karma / hair cut, shaving and cutting nails

Cutting hair of head, moustache and cutting nails increases health, age, and purity. It is also a part of beauty.

It should be done every week.

Scrubbing / use of soap

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15) Scrubbing / use of soap
Scrubbing body during bath deodorizes, removes heaviness, tiredness, itching, dirt, loss of appetite and disease of sweating.


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14) Bath

Bathing clears dirt of body and mind. It increases body strength and age of a person. It diminishes fatigue, sweat, dirt.
In the morning and in the evening

Head should be wetted first during bath preferably with normal temperature water and use warm water in lower region of the body.


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13) Exercise

If one exercise regularly, it helps in digestion of the food (even if unhealthy) and it makes body light, powerful, stable and increases tolerance.

Foot massage

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12) Foot massage

 If one does not have sufficient time for full body massage, foot massage can be done regularly.
It cures roughness, numbness, dryness, fatigue and loss of sensation in feet.
Feet become soft, strong, and stable. Vision clears, and vata dosha diminishes. It cures crack heels.

Note- Massage should be specially done on ear and sole of feet daily. 


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11) Massage

If massage is done daily it will make body strong, skin becomes beautiful, body does not get affected from vata disease and is able to tolerate all strain. Body parts become stronger and beautiful. These people do not age.

3 min in one part and total 30 min. for full body.

Sesame oil.

Massage should not be done in fever.

Ear drops

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10) Ear drops
Daily using of ear drops will not allow vata disease of ear to happen. Helpful in Diseases like cervical pain also for deaf or dumb.
Rub your hands and keep it over ear, ask him to sleep on one side and after putting some oil in the ear massage the back of the ear for 3 min.

Sesame oil 

Head oil massage

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9) Head oil massage

One who applies hair oil daily never suffers from headache, hair fall, hair graying. It strengthens the hair root and bones of the skull. It is good for long & black hairs. Sense organs become healthy and skin becomes good and it helps in good night sleep. 

Gandusha /mouth wash

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8) Gandusha /mouth wash

Strengthens gums, voice deepens and is audible from long distance, face becomes lusterful, taste buds works well and appetite increases, there is no complain of dryness of mouth, lip do not dry, teeth does not fall , no sensitive gums/teeth and no pain in gums, teeth are able to chew even the hardest food .

Gandusha should be kept until the mouth becomes full of saliva so that the taste of medicine is neutralized by the saliva.
It should not be done before 5 yrs. of age.
Do not gulp the medicine.

Daily use sesame oil. 

Tongue cleaning

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7) Tongue cleaning

The toxin situated in the root of the tongue produces breathlessness and bad breath. This procedure cleans them all.

After brushing teeth

Hold the tongue cleaner with both ends. Insert it inside the mouth and gently slide it over the tongue.

Brushing teeth

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6) Brushing teeth

Cleans bad breath, cleans tongue, teeth and mouth thus increases palatability.

Twice daily, in the morning and after food.

Nasal drops

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5) Nasal drops

If used daily it strengthens eyes, nose, and ears. Hair do not fall or grey. Disease like ‘cervical pain, headache, palsy, lock jaw, nose block, migraine, vertigo subsides. Scalp strengthens due to this oil. Lusterful face, voice becomes stable, lovable. All five sense organs get strength. Disease of head and neck does not occur easily and effect of old age is reduced.
Due to this skin, shoulder, neck, face, chest becomes beautiful. Mouth always remains fresh.

Take ‘anu taila’ – the nasal drops once in a day anytime. But take care not to sleep 2 hours after its administration.

Take head low position Lift the tip of the nose and pour ‘anu taila’ 1 to 2 drops in each nostril.
After the procedure the person should lie in the same position for 3 min.

In should not be done if the person is suffering from nasal infections or immediately after alcohol intake. 

Dhoom (ayurvedic fumes for head)

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4) Dhoom (ayurvedic fumes for head)
Regular practice helps to relive heaviness of head, blocked nose, migraine, ear ache, eye pain, cough, hiccups, breathlessness, throat infections, weak teeth, eye and ear problems, foul odor from nose, halitosis, tooth ache, loss of appetite, lock jaw, spasm in neck, itching , salivation from mouth, bad voice, uvulitis, hair fall ,baldness, sneezing, lethargy, blocked brain, excess sleeping habits.
Dhoom if correctly done following effects are seen-
Heart, throat, and other organs get purified. Lightness in head is felt due to reduction of ‘dosha’.

Healthy person can do it twice a day. Preferably
·       After bath
·       After food
·       After vamana
·       After sneezing
·       After brushing teeth
·       After nasal drop
·       After Anjana
·       After waking up

Dhoom should be done only after 18 years of age.

Each time 3 snuff should be made for 3 times.
A person should always release smoke from mouth only. (Release of smoke from opposite direction may cause weakness of eyesight).
While having Dhoom sit straight, look forward, concentrate on Dhoom, close one nostril and inhale from the other.

Fix the ayurvedic stick into the ‘Dhoom netra’ (pipe) and burn it from other side.

Dhoom netra (pipe)
The length of pipe should be 36 fingers because at this length the force of smoke is less and it does not harm the sense organs.

Contra indication
It is contradicted immediately after purgation and after enema. In bleeding disorders, poisoning , sad, pregnant, tired and unconsciousness, in pitta aggravation, sleepless night, vertigo, thirst, weak persons, after having alcohol, milk, oil, honey, curd, person of vata prakriti’, during anger, head injury, headache, diabetic person.

Anjana (Eye care)

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3) Anjana (Eye care)
For the protection of eyes ‘Anjana’ should be applied daily after waking up because this has nourishing properties.
If applied regularly vision become clear, eye lashes become thick long and dark.

Method of application
Lift and open the upper eyelid and apply the Anjana on the lower margin of eye lid where the eye lashes are attached.
This drug should not be less, more, thick, thin, strong, soft. It should not be applied to hastily or too slowly. Make sure that hand do not shake while applying and nor the eyes rolls .Do not apply too much pressure while applying
After application close your eyes and roll the eyeballs so that the drug gets spread all over. If there is watering of eyes do not wash immediately, hold until it stops itself. If stopped earlier it may not clear the eyes of ‘dosha’ (toxins).

 An Anjana named ‘Souveer’ is used for this purpose.

After food, bath, vomiting, tiring journey, sleepless night, fever and eye infections. 

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agni / metabolism in ayurveda / digestion according to ayurveda part 1

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agni / metabolism in ayurveda / digestion according to ayurveda  part 1

agni / metabolism in ayurveda / digestion according to ayurveda

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continued.. ( part 2)   agni / metabolism in ayurveda / digestion according to ayurveda