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18) FOOD

Benefits of having right quantity of food
It bestows the person with strength, health, happiness and long life.

The right quantity of food is
1/3rd of stomach with solid food
1/3rd of stomach with liquid food
And the remaining 1/3rd should be kept empty for ‘dosha’ to work.

Signs to know the right quantity of food
The quantity of food which does not let you feel heavy, does not increases heart beats, ribs area  does not feel like stretched/tensed and lets you feel happy, hunger and thirst quenches, no problem in doing any work, completion of  digestion , increase strength and health.
If one have food before clearance of bowels or when not hungry he/she will land on one or other disease.

Food should be-
1)    Hot, less oily
2)    Easily digestible
3)    Should not be of opposite ‘prakriti’
4)    Food should be taken at clean place and where mind is calm
5)    It should not be had to fast or too slow
6)    Do not talk or laugh while eating
7)    Concentrate your mind completely on food
8)    Different types of food having different taste (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, etc) should be taken regularly to build strength.
9)    Try to have sweet in the beginning and sour and salty in the middle and rest at last.
   10) Chew food properly.

Other important instructions
1)    If water is taken in-between food it maintains body buildup (not more the 1/3rd of diet including all liquid diet)
2)    If water is taken after food it results in obesity
3)    If water is had before food it will result in thinning of body
4)    Immediately after food do not go for work, bath and other work.
5)    Sit straight for 5-10 min. after food until the lethargy goes away.
6)    After this roam for about 100 steps and lie down on left lateral position for a while(do not sleep)

7)     During this time enjoy things what you like and do not do what your mind do not enjoys.
8)    Do not laugh too much or have a bumpy ride as it may cause vomiting, etc.

Food that can be had daily
Boiled rice, red rice, green gram, rock salt, Indian gooseberry, oat, pure water, ghee, milk, meat of animals of desert/dry region and honey.

Do not have
Dirty, toxic, left food, food mixed with adulterants and preservatives, food you don’t like, overnight food, tasteless food, cold or reheated food and burnt food.

Food is not digested when water is taken too much. Untimely food, stopping the natural urges of nature, irregularity of sleep, fear, anger, greed, depression or disease interfere with digestion.
Special food according to seasons

1)    To have in winters- heavy food (heavy to digest), oily food, flesh of aquatic animals, alcohol, milk, sugar cane, fats, new rice, warm water.
2)    Not to have in winters- light food, airy atmosphere, restricted diet, cold drinks.
3)    To have in springs- oat, wheat, flesh of animals from dry region, honey water.
4)    Not to have in springs- heavy food, sour, oily, sweet
5)    To have in summer- sweet, cold, liquid, less oily, sugar, flesh of dry region, ghee (clarified butter), milk, red rice.
6)    Not to have in summers - alcohol can only be had with lots of water, salty, sour, spicy, chilly, and hot.
7)    To have in rainy season- honey, sour, salty, less oily, old oat, wheat, boiled rice, flesh of dry region, juice, cooled warm water, light food and take care of digestion.
10) Not to have in rainy season- cold drink, going out in sunlight, excessive liquid diet.
11) To have in autumn- sweet, light food, cold, bitter food, flesh of dry region, old oat, wheat, boiled rice, milk, sugar cane.
12) Not to have in autumn- alkaline food items, curd, sour, oil.

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