Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Anjana (Eye care)

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3) Anjana (Eye care)
For the protection of eyes ‘Anjana’ should be applied daily after waking up because this has nourishing properties.
If applied regularly vision become clear, eye lashes become thick long and dark.

Method of application
Lift and open the upper eyelid and apply the Anjana on the lower margin of eye lid where the eye lashes are attached.
This drug should not be less, more, thick, thin, strong, soft. It should not be applied to hastily or too slowly. Make sure that hand do not shake while applying and nor the eyes rolls .Do not apply too much pressure while applying
After application close your eyes and roll the eyeballs so that the drug gets spread all over. If there is watering of eyes do not wash immediately, hold until it stops itself. If stopped earlier it may not clear the eyes of ‘dosha’ (toxins).

 An Anjana named ‘Souveer’ is used for this purpose.

After food, bath, vomiting, tiring journey, sleepless night, fever and eye infections.