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19) Sex

Age limit
Only between 16-70 yrs. If done before and after the age specified it may result in ill health.

According to seasons-
Every 3rd day in –springs and autumn
Every 15th day in – rainy and summer.
Any time if person is healthy in winters.

Menstrual women, not willing to have sex, dirty, unhappy, of higher caste, old, ill, amputee, pregnant, depressed, of same parents, teacher, saint.
One should not have sex  at evening, midnight, midday, on holy day, when shy, at filthy place, when hungry, ill, sad, urge of defecation, urine, thirsty and in general weakness.
Do not have sex with other spices than human and in other places than vagina. Holding the urge for expulsion of semen is also contraindicated.
One should refrain from excessive sex, if done it may result in pain, cough, fever, breathlessness, weakness, convulsions, loss of vision, life and glow of skin.

‘Vajikarana’ therapy and follow good rules mentioned above for having sex.