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21) Sleep

When you sleep well you get good physical and mental strength. Happiness, sense organs works well and one gets long life.
If sleep is not taken according to rules- unhappiness, thinness, weakness, impotency, loss of memory and death also may result.

It is advisable to sleep after 1 ‘prahar’ (i.e. after 3 hrs of commencement of night) this and this should be before 12 midnight.
Do not sleep in evening or immediately after food, after studying and after sex.

One should not sleep during day time. It is only allowed if your doctor allows you for a particular reason.

Loss due to day sleep
Some of the diseases like- heaviness, headache,  spasm in muscles, indigestion, swelling, loss of appetite, nausea,  cold, migraine, rashes, eruptions, itching, laziness, cough, disease of throat, loss of memory, illogical thinking, , fever, sense perception is not good and toxins start to show signs.

Complication of excess sleep
It causes indigestion and increases the kapha. This kapha blocks the bio-channels in our body and causes heaviness in body which again causes sleep. Thus this becomes a vicious cycle

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