Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nasal drops

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5) Nasal drops

If used daily it strengthens eyes, nose, and ears. Hair do not fall or grey. Disease like ‘cervical pain, headache, palsy, lock jaw, nose block, migraine, vertigo subsides. Scalp strengthens due to this oil. Lusterful face, voice becomes stable, lovable. All five sense organs get strength. Disease of head and neck does not occur easily and effect of old age is reduced.
Due to this skin, shoulder, neck, face, chest becomes beautiful. Mouth always remains fresh.

Take ‘anu taila’ – the nasal drops once in a day anytime. But take care not to sleep 2 hours after its administration.

Take head low position Lift the tip of the nose and pour ‘anu taila’ 1 to 2 drops in each nostril.
After the procedure the person should lie in the same position for 3 min.

In should not be done if the person is suffering from nasal infections or immediately after alcohol intake. 

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